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Minggu, 11 September 2011 | 16:31 WIB Last Updated 2020-05-07T07:36:17Z
Kapolres Selayar 2011, Akbp. Setiadi 
MEDIA SELAYAR. A number of positive information feedback, criticism and suggestions on the performance of the Police Selayar Islands AKBP answered directly by SH.MH Setiadi, Chief of Police Selayar Islands in 60 minutes Interactive radio show 30 Days Together Contrend, on Thursday (4 / 8). The most prominent in the session to answer listeners via SMS and telephone, is listener demand to the authorities in order to maintain the current schedule mosques tarawih and dawn, so as not to interfere with the sound of firecrackers and fireworks explosion.

Besides the motor sounds great and fuel shortages. All answered with a persuasive and full of wise firmness by Setiadi as a police captain in the Islands District Selayar. Including a number of public scrutiny of the information circulating warm in the community about a woman of the family were prominent status and estimated 19-year-old girl hospitalized in a screen for 2 days after the earlier forced the curette by paramedics at the obstetrics. Khabarnya this girl was bleeding after the fetal age of 5 months in kandunganya fall.

The problem is the status of girls trus miscarriage and medical parties become penaggungjawab with humanitarian reasons as well as allegations of malpractice and the medical authority. Information and public pressure through an interactive radio, police chief calmly and firmly stated that the police will follow up as well Selayar investigate this further back behind a thank you from her phone.

Shortly before usainya Interactive Radio Show on pack in SelayarDi Police Radio Program, Adjunct Senior Commissioner. Sh.Mh Setiadi, as the police chief, appealed to the public Selayar to continue to maintain order and security in their respective environments, and thank you for the participation of those continues to supply information to the police Selayar by phone or through social networking accounts and police sms screen, by asserting that openness of communication that are currently established if the pertahakan.

Specialized in the implementation of the fasting of Ramadan 1432 Selayar down the entire line of police personnel throughout the region to guard the worship conducted Muslims. Further listening GameRadio Contrend asking listeners to send via SMS at an answering service 081 342 70 70 70 until dawn Friday (5 / 8) names Kapolsek officials across jurisdictions Selayar Police today.

Moments after the police chief off the water, a number of which went into service sms sms MC-I still continue to enter and of course we will continue to Pak police chief, as proof atusias listener MC-I when the district police chief Selayar Islands In desperate need of protector and protective understated, dignified and cautious as we see in private Mr. Setiadi, Chief of Police Selayar today, said Sigit Sugiman, Station Manager of MC-I when the ask for comments and responses to the many complaints the public through radio sms instead of reporting directly to the post post police.

Sigit further explained that every time we pass the info we received on sms service editorial MC-I when associated with the authorities especially the police, especially not a secret if AKBP Setiadi is the only police chief ever bertugasdi this region, which could mingle amid the citizens layman, such as coffee in warkop or a preacher at Friday prayers. So that the residents enjoyed his candor, Sigit key.

A number of radio listeners to send an sms when the program while it lasted, in essence, strongly supports the implementation of programs At Selayar Police Radio "and asked the manager to increase the duration of the interactive program, which is answered by a reply SMS to the number of services each attensi with thanks, to agree schedulle proposal and while updating the program by the editorial team and immediately submitted to the leadership of general M-ci. (KML / R.1)

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  • Police Selayar On The Radio Gets Positive Response From Public Selayar

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