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Selayar District is one of regencies in South Sulawesi, has so many interesting tourist attraction. There is a history of archaeological tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism as well as the most popular marine tourism.

A. Tour History Archaeology consists of:
1. Old Mosque Gantarang.
This mosque was founded in the early 16th century AD by seorah Sufi (Datuo Di Tiro) Gantarang kampong. This mosque is the oldest mosque in Sulawesi, where the center pole is made from tree trunks chili (Lombok). Access to the village of Castle Town (District Capital) can be reached by land transport for 45 minutes.

2. Gong Nekara.
Gong Gong is the oldest and largest in the world. Created in the Dong Son Bronze Age and was brought by sailors from China. This proves that the Selayar former major airport that became a stopover for international shipping is quite crowded.

3. Ancient Anchor
This anchor has a very large size of his time, owned by Chinese merchants who make cruise and stop at the village of Padang in the south of Castle Town at the end of the XIV century. Chinese-owned merchant vessel was damaged and unable to continue the voyage and the ship eventually sank in place serve targeted. Eventually people in the village of Padang is securing the ship anchors and the evidence of history.

B. Cultural Tourism consists of
Traditional Dance Pakarena Balla ‘Bulo
Traditional music is composed of
- Dide ‘
- Drum Peoples (Pui’-poem ‘)
- Batti’-Batti ‘(Song of unrequited rhyme that accompanied the music on lute, tambourine and gong).

C. Nature Tourism
In this natural tourist attraction, can be met one of the rare animal species in the world including the tarsier. This beast can be found on the east coast south island Selayar. There are also Natural Stone Baba’s Cave, which means a stone door, which is believed to be pintuk to enter a magic house. This cave has a supernatural power that made in place to care for the sick. But if the sick man died while being treated, the body will be buried in certain places in the cave.

D. Wisata Bahari
Screen is the center of marine tourism in South Sulawesi province, it is supported by the National Park Sea Takabonerate who have the third largest atoll in the world. Even more interesting in this Selayar Island is very strategic for maritime activities throughout the year, which the west when the season arrives, activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing can be done on the east coast of the island Selayar. And vice versa when the east monsoon arrives, the activity can be conducted on the west coast of the island a screen. Maritime tourism activities can be done in several places:

1. Beach Baloiya
This beach is located west coastal area that has Selayar Island resort with lodging facilities, restaurants and scuba diving, and managed by PT. Selayar Island Resort. The beach is accessible Baloiya about 10-15 minutes from the city of Fort, and 5 minutes from the airport Aroeppala.

2. Bone Beach Tappalang
This beach is located on the east coast is also available Selayar Island Resort which is managed by PT Selayar Dive Resort which provides diving services, lodging and restaurants. Tourist attractions that can be enjoyed is sunbathing, snorkeling and diving. Endangered species can also be seen, like Tarsius, wild boar, monitor lizards as well as natural caves. This location can be accessed approximately 90 minutes from the city of Fort.

3. Penang Beaches
Located not far from the beach with a bone tappalang nan enchanting white sand and very comfortable to sunbathe after diving or snorkeling activities. At the turn of the new year, this beach is visited by many cruise ships. This location can be accessed approximately 80 minutes from the city of Fort.

4. Beach Bar
This sandy beach is located on the east coast Selayar Island, a playground and turtles and turtle eggs can be a playmate when diving or snorkeling activities. Its location can be accessed 45 minutes from the city of Fort.

5. Hara and Bonesialla Beac
Both beaches are also located on the east coast Selayar Island, these two adjacent beach, ideal for snorkeling, diving, fishing and sunbanthing. Not far from the coast there are homestay owned by the community. Can be accessed 50 minutes from the city of Fort.

6. And the most famous is the National Park Takabonerate.
Takabonerate Marine National Park has an area of ​​320,765 ha, which is the largest marine national park in Indonesia and the third largest in the World, and is in the triangle area of ​​the world’s coral reefs. Inside are meeting the earth’s continental plates of Asia and Australia continents. Accessible for 1 hour from the east coast Selayar Island (Port Pattumbukang).

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